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The Japanese word for figure is Figma.

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This will always burn me up because no the word used in Japanese for figure is フィギュア (figyua) because figure comes from action figure which was a word Hasbro came up with to sell dolls to boys. There is no other hobby in the world where when someone corrects them people get pissy and go “m-m-muh kleenex effect!”. If I call a ford a chevy and some car collectors correct me I don’t get pissy and childish I just go “oh okay my bad”. 

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I’m pretty sure there are only two types of people who call all Japnese figures “figma”. A few people innocently ignorant of it (these are the ones who do not get mad when corrected) and trolls (these are the ones who get “mad” when corrected).

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Sex Education in American Public Schools

This is why we can’t have nice things

Im from Ohio, and all my sex education was a woman from the local church who was abstinent…and explained to us that God means well and that we should sign promise cards. 

I shit you not, it was a credit card like thing, with a signature line, and had a promise/prayer towards god to not have sex before marriage. 

The rest of our education was Lifetime Movies about sexually transmitted diseases.

We actually have to write into our laws “teach things that are factually accurate”? Really? Goddamn.



Shenmue Fans React to Jeff’s PAX East Shenmue Rant - Part 5 (AKA Blame Bioshock Infinite for No Shenmue III)

Suggested alternate title: When Fandoms Become Delusional.

The gameplay in infinite is actually a fair bit simpler though (I won’t use the term dumbed down, it’s loaded with an opinion). Less weapons, less weapon variety, fewer tonics than plasmids, etc. This dude clearly goes too far in his arguements, but that does not change the facts. Now, maybe you liked the gameplay of Infinite better than Bioshock 1 or 2, that’s cool, different strokes and all that, but you can’t argue the gameplay wasn’t simplified.

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